Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Joshua and I just came back from tree shopping. We got a great deal and a Douglas Fir that smells great! What greater could you ask for? ;D  The guy checking us out asked, "Do you want to buy the bottle of preservatives or usually a spoonful of sugar helps the tree as well." We went for the sugar...saved about a $1.27! Anyway, I will probably post pictures of our lovely tree when I get around to it, but I just wanted to tell all the "Short Snap Smile" readers about our Christmas tree jamboree. God bless each one of you!!


Lindsay said...

Oh, how fun!! We always use our artificial tree. Maybe we can get a real one sometime. :) I would love for you to post pictures!

~ Blessings,

Josh said...

I miss the days when we had a real tree, and I think it is so cute that you and Joshua went tree shopping together.
Way to be frugal and save that $1.27 !

God Bless you,

Rachel M. said...

Josh-Great deal, right? :D $1.27!!

God bless!